• 1. Far, far away
    2. Where Do We Go From Here

Far, Far Away


G. Soul Comes Back with His New Digital Single ‘Far, far away’ on May 12th!, Boasting His Full On Vocal!
Singer-songwriter G.Soul’s New Digital Single ‘Far, far away’ releases on the 12th! Brand New Musical Transformation Expected!

- G.Soul to make a comeback with his new digital single ‘Far, far away’ since after 8 months!
- Album title song ‘Far, far away’, mixed with strongly addictive reggae rhythm and unique soulful style, will get everyone get hooked on to.
- G.Soul grew up to become the hottest and a popular artist seasoning his unique colors into all of his albums!

G.Soul is coming back with his new digital single ‘Far, far away’.

‘Far, far away’ is G.Soul’s new digital single album following his second full album ‘Dirty’ released in September 2015, 8 months ago. The new single is consisted of two songs, the title song ‘Far, far away’and ‘Where Do We Go From Here’.

Especially, G.Soul will seek a transformation from previous soulful R&B and deep house genre to a whole different type of a genre called ‘Reggae-style Soul.’ Also, G.Soul participated in composing as well as writing the lyrics as he did for the previously released albums ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Love Again’.

The title song ‘Far, far away’ perfectly garnishes the dynamic reggae rhythm with G.Soul’s uniquely tuning soulful singing style. The song sets about a sentimental mood by contrasting gloomy lines of lyrics illustrating the emotion after a breakup with rhythmical melody. Min Lee, ‘collapsedone’ who worked together with G.Soul on G.Soul’s debut album ‘Coming Home’ and Fredo Odesjo collaborated to maximize completion level of the music.

On the other side, it is a relatively easy-listening music for everyone as opposed to his previous songs with heart-wrenching tune of his voice and soulful ballad. The lyrics hope to bring out the listeners’ empathy as it well depicts a man’s psychological breakthrough after a breakup like ‘They ask if I’m really okay.’ ’Just a little longer. Pretending to be miserable and lonely’.

The second song of the single ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ blends soulful tune with simple R&B beats beautifully mingling with G.Soul’s mournful vocals. The song elegantly paints the emotions of couples’ agonies over their farewells with thoughtful lyrics and melody.

G.Soul establishes a solid presence as a popular and a talented musician by filling his album with self-written songs. Now, G.Soul’s new digital single ‘Far, far away’, seeking transformation with his new genre-defying reggae-style soul, is matter of great interest in the music market whether it can bring about a familiar atmosphere for the fans.

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